Over 114 million people have enjoyed the crazy antics of David after his dentist appointment, still feeling the effects of knock-out gas.  The young 7-year old entertains viewers for about 2 minutes with funny sayings, random outbursts, and other insightful thoughts.  Unfortunately, those hard of hearing have not had the same experience.

Six seconds into the video, the subtitles are already wrong.  So someone only watching the video and reading the subtitles starts off already confused, and it only gets worse from there.  Plain, white, and small text, the entire appearance of the words draws away from the comedic, absurd atmosphere typically provided between the voices of David and his father.  It fails to capture the obvious “highness” of his voice and keeps the audience at a distance from the characters.

The picture below depicts David releasing a tantrum scream, commonly agreed on as the most comedic part of the video.  The youngster begins moving around, to which his dad says “stay in your seat,” as seen in the subtitles present.  However David ignores his father’s wishes, grips his booster seat with all his might, and launches himself up with a blood-curdling scream that persists for about five seconds.  He then falls back down in his chair, seemingly passed out.  With sound, the sudden outburst is quite hilarious, and definitely takes the audience by surprise.  However, there is no indication of any scream in the subtitles, and besides the estranged look on David’s face, the whole sequence of events just looks like he’s stretching, yawning, and collapsing back to sleep in his chair.  The subtitles fail to capture the raw absurdity of the moment, and definitely leave no comedic essence to the fifteen second interval.  Had I not known what was going on, watching with just subtitles I would probably just be confused and wonder why David was making such a silly face.

David After Dentists is not some silly home video that received 300 views and no one has heard of.  This particular Youtube video has been featured all over the media, on TV shows, and seen on over 100 million computer screens.  Yet no one has made a successful attempt at captioning either the correct words or correct atmosphere of the video so that people hard of hearing can enjoy the same experience.  This is incredibly troubling, and I feel intervention from someone is necessary.


(The picture above is a screenshot of Youtube video titled “David After Dentist” at 0:57/1:59, with 114,119,311 views. The scene is the backseat  of a car, where only a little boy sits, strapped in by a seat belt. He is clenching the seat with his hands, outstretching his arms, and lifting himself off the seat while protruding his face in a distinguishable scream. The caption on the Youtube video reads “stay in your seat.”)